Stop Running Forex Trade Setup

One of the things I like about price action Forex trading is how it allows you to understand what the BIG traders are doing. They are, after all, the ones that are moving the markets.  So, don’t you think it is a good idea to be able to read price and get a feeling for what the trading mindset is of the professional traders?

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever placed a trade (let’s say a SHORT) and placed your stop loss just above the most recent swing high… and then price comes up and stops you out before moving in the original direction? I’m sure it has happened more than you would like… and it is very frustrating! But don’t get mad… get even.

Let me tell you what is going on…

The professional traders that move the market also want to go short.  But they want to go short at the best price AND create a lot of momentum so price goes in their trade direction rather quickly. So, rather than just jump on the short trade you are in, they push price UP (knowing many traders have their stop above the swing high).


Because they can get into the short at a better price AND they know all the traders that had their stops taken out are going to jump back into the trade short when it starts going in that direction again… creating momentum and fast profits! (See how understanding price action can give you insight into what is going on with the TRADERS that trade the market?)

Now, here is the thing…

You and I will never have enough money to move the markets in this way.  But understanding what the BIG traders are doing gives us an opportunity to follow their lead. This is an EDGE you are going to want to take advantage of!

I came across this video that shows how to trade when you see price running the stops.  I suggest you take a look…

Click Here To Watch The Stop Running Forex Trade Setup Video

This video was done by a Forex trader I like very much… Dr. Barry Burns. If you have not yet taken his FREE, 5-day email course… I suggest you do. It has some revealing information (like the video above) and even teaches his Rubber Band Trade on day 5.

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